English Muffins Bread Machine Method

I have a bread machine and I don’t let it get dusty. My latest bread dough was to make English Muffins. For me, finding good recipes for a bread machine is what makes the difference between a great bread and an average one. This time was an exception. I settled on this English Muffin Recipe […]

Rosary Rings

Rosary Rings

Rosary rings from ChainzOnline are an easy and convenient way to pray the rosary anytime or anywhere you like. The rosary ring is a single decade of a full size rosary. They have 10 raised beads and a cross in the center. Each are crafted from solid 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, or sterling […]

Living Social and Chainz Jewellery

To our valued customers… We have been receiving mutiple complaints from consumers regarding purchases made through www.livingsocial.com from www.chainzjewellery.com that are not being delivered to the purchaser. ChainzOnline.com does not advertise on Living Social and is not connected to nor affiliated with Living Social or Chainz Jewellery in any way. David W Sacco President/CEO ChainzOnline.com

Internet Sales Tax-Undue Burden

The internet sales tax bill, known as the Marketplace Fairness Act, currently being ramrodded through the US Senate, would give the individual states the authority to require online merchants to collect sales and local taxes based upon the taxing jurisdiction of the purchaser. Currently, online merchants are only required to collect sales and local taxes […]

New National Holiday – Obama Day

Never think you’ve seen it all. Something may just surprise you. Barrack Obama has proclaimed a new National Holiday… for himself. That’s right, a new National Holiday proclaimed by President Barrack Obama for himself. National Day of Hope and Resolve. I am dumfounded by the arrogance. Obama proclaims National Holiday for himself

Authorize.Net AVS Fails to Match Letters

For the merchants using Authorize.Net as your gateway you might find this useful. If your customer’s street address or postal code contains a letter rather than a number, Authorize.Net AVS will return an AVS mismatch. I use Authorize.Net and I’ve recently started shipping to Canada. I immediately started encountering problems with the Canadian postal codes […]

Will Harbin CEO tells Customer to Bugger Off

It’s been some time since I posted. I know, shame on me. But every once in a while, something simply makes me “cranky”. This is one of those “once in a whiles”. Seems the CEO of Casual Collective, Will Harbin found it appropriate to tell a customer of one of the companies games to “bugger […]

Animal Jewelry with a Cause

As a jeweler, I keep my eyes open for jewelry websites… especially niche ones. Animalcharms.net is not only a niche jewelry site, it’s one with a cause. They donate 10% of every sale… right off the top!… to animal charities. It’s not very often I see that from any website. What really got my attention […]

Crushing the Myth: Why You Need Keyword Density

When I find “interesting” forum threads, I do like to bring them to attention every once in a while. This thread at WPW is one of those. I invite you to read it, and the article I received, as promised, for yourself. Dave —————————————————————— Any webmaster or small business owner that has gone for a […]

Hassle Free Web Hosting

When your business depends upon its internet presence, the worst thing you can do is select a hosting company that is less than reliable. Unfortunately, I know this first hand. Downtime, full log files, loss of functionality, things that don’t work, security issues, and lack of timely support. I was spending far too much time […]