As a jeweler, I keep my eyes open for jewelry websites… especially niche ones. Animalcharms.net is not only a niche jewelry site, it’s one with a cause. They donate 10% of every sale… right off the top!… to animal charities. It’s not very often I see that from any website. What really got my attention was that each product page clearly shows how much of the purchase price gets donated to an animal charity. Tip of the cap for that!

Naturally, being a jeweler, I had to contact them (not to mention a dog lover). I didn’t make it any secret I was a jeweler. The owner asked me what kind of dogs I have (I have Shelties 🙂 ) and then provided me with a coupon code where using it would give an additional donation to a specific animal charity AND a discount to me (or anyone else) who used it.

Took me a bit by surprise when the coupon code benefited a Sheltie rescue in my home state… The Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue

My male Sheltie… ‘Cody’…. my wife and I rescued from an owner who did not want him. We couldn’t be happier and I know Cody couldn’t be happier either.

So, for all you Sheltie lovers out there, here’s a Sheltie Pendant and using the coupon code A102Q will save you a bit of money and benefit a Sheltie rescue.

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