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Web Directory Links

There’s been many discussions on the value of web directory links of late. Directories being devalued and pages being removed from their index. Do directory links still have value and can they drive visitors and potential customers to your site? In a word, yes. It’s important to realize that not all directories are created equal […]

Natural Writing For SEO

Is there such a thing as writing naturally for SEO purposes and benefits? Seems like a silly question doesn’t it? Well, I guess it just surprises me a bit when the subject comes up, gets debated, and usually ends up with someone checking the keyword density and arriving at a ranking conclusion based entirely on […]

Why SEO is a Dirty Word

It seems every time I turn around I find yet another reason as to why SEO is a dirty word. Not surprisingly, that reason is exactly the same as almost all the others. Take a look at this thread titled SEO for Google on WWS. A straight forward very basic question asked by folks new […]

Supplemental Index For All Queries

The random surfer may not have noticed that the supplemental index tag has been dropped the webmaster and SEO communities sure have. On July 31st 2007 a post on Google’s Webmaster Blog announced the change. It is still possible to see which of your pages are in the supplemental index by performing a search for […]

Charter Fishing Lake Michigan

Spring is upon us and the itch for Charter Fishing Lake Michigan simply needed to be scratched. So with that in mind, I booked an early morning charter on 04-22-2007 with Captain Rich Tanner of Stellar Charters out of Kenosha Wisconsin. Early spring fishing on Lake Michigan can be hit or miss but, as Captain […]

Subdomains Littering SERP’s

Clearly, Google still has serious issues on how they handle subdomains when delivering search results. Try a search for Religious Jewelry as Art for example. You’ll find that litters the SERP’s. They start with a result on page 2, then 3 results on page 3. After that, page after page after page of listings […]

Religious Jewelry as Art

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I share something a little different… Religious Jewelry as a Form of Art When you think of various forms of art, does jewelry come to mind? If it doesn’t, it should. According to, “art” is “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of […]

Sidebar Gadget Marketing

In my last post, I wrote about Vista Sidebar Gadgets and the huge marketing potential I see by using them. Just recently, I had the folks at GadgetSpark develop a sidebar gadget to my specifications for one of my sites. I’m exceptionally pleased with their work! Well guys and gals, after being “live” for 24 […]

Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Get your website on millions of desktops with a Vista Sidebar Gadget. Windows Vista has what’s called a sidebar which is installed and turned on by default. From the moment someone first turns on their computer they can install a variety of different gadgets directly, and easily from the Windows Live Gallery. These gadgets can […]

Polite SEO

What is Polite SEO? Well, it’s another of those ultra low competitive phrases that some folks like to rank for and then wildly flap their arms and stamp their feet shouting… “SEO is Easy!” Generally I find that folks who think ranking for terms, like Polite SEO, either… 1. Don’t understand what SEO today really […]