The problem with subdomain spam, and what webmasters are being told is a “Bad Data Push” when it came to eiqz2q.org has not been corrected. I hope the folks at merged.ca and threadwatch.org catch this continuing problem and continue to post about it.

Back on May 25th I posted examples of this very problem on WPW in this thread titled Google Rewards Craigslist and Feydakin posted about it on the SEO Forum in this thread.

Today, if you do a Google search for wedding forum or a Google search for queer forum you’ll see that craigslist.org dominates the search results with page after page of results from them. Not only that, each and every page is identical content.

Just as I suspected, Google has not corrected this gaping deficiency with Big Daddy, they simply went in and manually de-indexed the site.


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