Now I’ve heard it all.

The latest in a long line of Big Daddy foul-ups is being described a “Bad Data Push” by Matt Cutts and Adam Lasnik

Sorry guys, I don’t buy it. Actually, I find it rather irritatating and discouraging to hear how Big Daddy is functioning as it should when the supplemental index still remains unsearchable and sub domain spam dominates the “new and improved” Google index.

I pointed out at WPW in a thread titled Google Rewards Craigslist how subdomains are recently dominating searches some time ago.

Now eiqz2q.org has been rewarded by having 5 Billion of their pages added to the almighty Google index in less than 30 days. Nice job. Not only that but multiple page 1 rankings to boot. It seems that Big Daddy handles subdomains as individual sites. Take a very clever spammer, a plethera of subdomains, scrape content and make it just unique enough to pass the duplicate filters, a few links to the subdomains which are linked together, an adsense account, and you’re off and running. Check please!

Graywolf has a great post at threadwatch.org and be sure and check out the comments at Digg as well as Digital Point and Merged.ca

Big Daddy has not and is not functioning properly. It’s busticated. Whether or not Google is able to correct the obvious deficiencies still remains a mystery. And more importantly, if they are able to correct them… when.


UPDATE 06-19-06: It appears that as of this morning 06-19-06 that eiqz2q.org has been de-indexed. It also appears to me this de-indexing was the result of human intervention and not by addressing the deficiencies in Big Daddy that allowed this to happen in the first place. If I were a betting man I’d wager that we’re likely to see more of this kind of thing in the future. Keep your eyes peeled. The next billion pages could be right around the corner.

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