The American citizen, the taxpayer, should be infuriated by the bailout bill just passed by congress. Think your representative can’t be bribed? Think your representative is most interested the economy when deciding on how to spend your tax dollars? Then you better think again.

It took $110B of earmarks to make a “bad” bill “good”. How is that? How does $2M in tax exemptions for wooden arrow manufacturers, producers, or importers, sponsored by the Oregon Senators, help the financial sector. How does that make the bailout bill better? How does $100M in tax breaks for race track owners strengthen our economy? How is $192M tax rebate for Puerto Rican and the Virgin Island Rum good for the troubled financial sector? How does extending a $19B tax break for companies such as Microsoft Corp., Boeing Co., United Technologies Corp., Electronic Data Systems Corp. and Harley-Davidson help our banks and homeowners facing foreclosure?

These are just some of the earmarks it took to convince your representatives to vote for the bailout bill. Just some of pork it took to make a “bad” bailout bill good enough for your Senators and Congressmen to vote in favor of. Each of you should visit Taxpayers for Common Sense and see some more of the heapings of pork that got piled on the bill in order for it to good enough for your representative to vote in favor of.

Happy with how your tax dollars are now going to be spent to bailout the financial sector? You shouldn’t be. You should be flat out pissed off at how your elected government officials, officials YOU voted for decided how to spend YOUR tax dollars.

I invite each of you to take a good look at how your representative voted on the Pork Laden Bailout Bill and ask those who voted in favor of the Bacon Wrapped Bailout Bill why.

Call them, write them, email them, and ask them how it is that $10M in benefits for bicycle commuters helps the credit market. How $148M in tariff relief on wool helps ease the credit market and struggling home owners. How in the world it is they could vote in favor of spending YOUR tax dollars only after all this pork was added but not before. These are your representatives. The people YOU elected to decide how to spend YOUR tax dollars. Take the time to let them know what you think.

Visit www.house.gov and www.senate.gov to find the websites of your representative and senator.


  1. Bobby Revell on the 04. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    Hi Dave! Yeah, I became so angry after seeing this unbelievable decision, blood came out of eyes. All of my representatives and senators (except one) voted against the bailout.

    It feels like a losing battle. I read that lobbyists paid callers to phone in support for the bailout and also too out full page newspaper ads to convince people to support it. It’s communist propaganda.

    Apparently, our leaders do not listen to us even if we do contact them. McCain said he knows better than American’s. Our leaders are supposed TO DO WHAT WE SAY!!! I am beyond mad.

    I thought McCain was supposed to be a republican. A true republican is very much like a libertarian – they’re supposed to be conservative. I am very conservative, but none of these conservative leaders are true to their ideology. I don’t know what these people are.

    Now, we’re gonna get Obama – a true Marxist to his left wing extremist core. McCain, though a liar, is still a better choice than Obama. I feel like an idiot even saying that.

    We must all stand up and call our leaders. I have a dozen congressional phone numbers programmed in my cell phone so I can call at a moments notice. Most people who call, call only once. We should call every day, every time something happens, until these people listen.

    It’s the only thing we can really do. I mean, I’m not going to become an anarchist freedom fighter with a militia…hahaha! This is the kind of stuff that makes one think about it though!

  2. CrankyDave on the 04. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    Hi Bobby!

    Angry doesn’t begin to describe my feelings. I simply find it totally and completely irresponsible and arrogant that any elected official felt it appropriate to add any earmarks, or support a bill with any earmarks of this magnitude and importance.

    Never mind what I think about the bailout to begin with. But for any of our elected officials to have the audacity to earmark the bill and/or support it, with pet projects and frivolous spending attached is criminal.


  3. marnie on the 04. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    russias economics take from the poor middle clasget it all so we can keep the country on edge and split. clinton studied in russiaquess who else you are right OBAMA this says it all.
    not one red penny should be put forth and Bush needs to veto this bill it will be the greatest thing he has done since taking office and will be remembered in history

  4. Bobby Revell on the 04. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    I just sent emails thanking my representatives/senators for voting against the bill. The first bill sure was lean and only 3 pages. Like you, I cannot tolerate anyone swayed by bribery. I think bribery is a much better term than earmarks or pork. It is what it is and is a crime. Thanks for doing your part Dave. You are are real American with real values 🙂

  5. CrankyDave on the 04. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    Hi marnie and welcome!

    Sadly, the bill has been signed into law. ALL of our elected officials should have insisted upon no “bribery” when it came to the bill.


  6. CrankyDave on the 04. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    Thank you for the kind words Bobby.

    I’m in the process of drafting another letter. One that voices my disgust with my Senators and Representatives who supported the bill.

    My state representatives voted in favor of the bill 13-6


  7. Bobby Revell on the 06. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    Creating and writing your own letters are much more effective than just copying one, say from Ron Paul or someone. I noticed some politicians saying that many of the email in opposition to the bailout was either stock from the Libertarian party or Paul’s website.

    Every email and letter I write from now on will be crafted by me. I don’t want congress ignoring me because I’ll be considered just another anti-government Internet “truther”.

    13-6…OUCH!!!! After reading through the bill, there are some good parts, but most of it is bad. The way congress packages 100 bills together in one should be illegal. That’s how they passed the patriot act – as an attachment to other bills, and nobody read the damn thing.

  8. CrankyDave on the 06. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    Couldn’t agree more Bobby.

    The whole earmark to get it to pass thing leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. It’s been going on for so long I think most folks have simply become numb to it.

    I always craft my own letters. “Form” type stuff is too easily ignored and there’s nothing worse than you and your opinion getting put on the “pay no mind list” because of it.


  9. Sam Chapman on the 06. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    After I shoot some wooden arrows, I plan on washing down a little bacon with rum. Then I’ll put on a wool sweater for my bike ride to work. These people should be ashamed with themselves. I want to see a list of who vited for this thing so we can vote them all out.

  10. CrankyDave on the 06. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    Hi Sam…

    There’s a link in my original post that shows you who voted for the bill and those who voted against it.

    I just can’t fathom how any of our elected officials thought in their wildest dreams that earmarking the bill was a good idea.


  11. Feydakin on the 07. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    I think we need to gather the list and start a boycott for tourism and travel to any area that is represented by the people on the bacon side of the bailout.. If they want to take my money from me for their pet projects as a bribe to vote a certain way then we need to punish everyone in their constituency in response..

    No vacations to or through Oregon..

    Then we go after the people that voted for the bill..

    I had decided that I was going to vote as usual, but this year it will be a vote against anyone in office.. Time to start pushing these life time leaches out of government..

  12. CrankyDave on the 07. Oct, 2008 remarked #

    Another good idea Steve.

    The Oregon Senators really stepped in it as far as I’m concerned. Granted, they’re not the only ones on the list but to pork up the bill with an earmark that has zero to do with the financial sector that benefits a company in their state to the tune of 200K is no less than criminal.


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