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Living Social and Chainz Jewellery

To our valued customers… We have been receiving mutiple complaints from consumers regarding purchases made through from that are not being delivered to the purchaser. does not advertise on Living Social and is not connected to nor affiliated with Living Social or Chainz Jewellery in any way. David W Sacco President/CEO

Internet Sales Tax-Undue Burden

The internet sales tax bill, known as the Marketplace Fairness Act, currently being ramrodded through the US Senate, would give the individual states the authority to require online merchants to collect sales and local taxes based upon the taxing jurisdiction of the purchaser. Currently, online merchants are only required to collect sales and local taxes […]

Authorize.Net AVS Fails to Match Letters

For the merchants using Authorize.Net as your gateway you might find this useful. If your customer’s street address or postal code contains a letter rather than a number, Authorize.Net AVS will return an AVS mismatch. I use Authorize.Net and I’ve recently started shipping to Canada. I immediately started encountering problems with the Canadian postal codes […]

Merchants Protect Consumers

Merchants Protecting Consumers from Credit Card Fraud In 2006 consumers used their credit or debit cards to spend approximately $160 billion at fast food restaurants alone. That’s a lot of transactions. Total online sales were projected to reach more than $250 Billion in 2007. Credit card fraud amounts to billions of dollars a year. But […]