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Dave Pasternack

It seems that the SEO community is just a tad bit “cranky”. Some recent comments made by Dave Pasternack has ruffled a few feathers in the SEO world. So much so, that an SEO Bounty has been placed on his name by the folks over at Threadwatch. In his latest assault on the SEO industry, […]

Tell us what you REALLY think!

With the end of the NFL regular season this weekend, I found myself rehashing the Chicago Bears 2006 regular season and simply cannot believe I let this one slip. On October 16th 2006, the Chicago bears defeated the Arizona Cardinals 24-23 in Arizona. This was no ordinary 1 point victory. The Chicago Bears commited 6 […]

Not A Happy Bunny

Friday is here and I generally expect folks to have a little extra bounce in their step as the weekend rolls in. WRONG! It seems that dmilford has not been having a good week. Darren had a router go bad on him Monday and as of today, the company who supplied it has still not […]

Dog Poop

Some of you who have seen my rantings, have brought it to my attention that I tend to be a wee bit “cranky”. Go figure. Every once in a while I come across someone who’s done something to merit a special “shout out” from me for being “Crankier Than Dave”. This inaugural “shout out” goes […]