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Paid Link Tattletales

I found myself searching around… again… because of yet another discussion about reporting paid links to Google. I don’t know why I allow myself to get into these discussions… again… but I did. I also don’t know why I decided to search for “tattletale ethics” but I did and found an interesting article… Tattletale Ethics […]

Google on Paid Links – Destined to Fail

There’s no shortage of chatter when it comes to Google and their stance on “paid links”. They have made it clear that pages that contain “paid links”, which they’ve chosen not to define, must be identified for a machine, spider, and/or algorithm, or they will suffer if they do not tag those links with machine […]

Supplemental Index For All Queries

The random surfer may not have noticed that the supplemental index tag has been dropped the webmaster and SEO communities sure have. On July 31st 2007 a post on Google’s Webmaster Blog announced the change. It is still possible to see which of your pages are in the supplemental index by performing a search for […]

Subdomains Littering SERP’s

Clearly, Google still has serious issues on how they handle subdomains when delivering search results. Try a search for Religious Jewelry as Art for example. You’ll find that litters the SERP’s. They start with a result on page 2, then 3 results on page 3. After that, page after page after page of listings […]

TrustRank and Yahoo

Recently I came across another instance of the white paper titled Combating Web Spam with TrustRank being attributed to Google and this is simply not accurate. In early 2005 Google filed an intent to use patent on the words TrustRank. On September 5th 2006 Google was granted an extension for their intent to use patent […]

Editorial Opinion Patent Awarded to Google

On August 22nd 2006 Google was awarded US Patent #7096214 for a System and method for supporting editorial opinion in the ranking of search results. The patent itself does not define “editorial opinion” or what exactly an “Editorial Opinion Parameter” is or what it does. One very good synopsis of the information provided by the […]

Dear Google…

Dear Google, Just in case you are unaware, it appears that you are spamming yourself. It seems that you have identical content on and Surely this must be an oversight. The proper thing to do would be to use a 301 redirect. I can’t imagine you not knowing how to implement a 301 […]

Google – Can they afford NOT to index SPAM?

This thought has been kicked around more than once in forums and blogs and with the recent de-indexing of a massive amount of spam pages, well it’s being kicked around again. Folks are keenly combing the results for more of the MFA pages and speculating as to their worth. A recent posting at Webmaster Headquarters […]

Supplemental Index Remains Unsearchable

For quite sometime now Google’s supplemental index has been unsearchable. Doesn’t really matter what index page data is relegated to if it’s unsearchable now does it? Take this example found using the site: operator… Note that the page is cached as well. Now, do a search for a unique string of text from that page […]

Google vs Subdomain Spam

The question isn’t whether or not Google needs to “attack” this problem, it’s obvious they do. The question is whether or not they can do something about the subdomain spam they’re allowing to “infect” their index algorithmically and if not, then what. Back in November of 2004 at PubCon, Matt Cutts suggested that Google would […]