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Bad Data Push Continues

The problem with subdomain spam, and what webmasters are being told is a “Bad Data Push” when it came to has not been corrected. I hope the folks at and catch this continuing problem and continue to post about it. Back on May 25th I posted examples of this very problem on […]

Bad Data Push

Now I’ve heard it all. The latest in a long line of Big Daddy foul-ups is being described a “Bad Data Push” by Matt Cutts and Adam Lasnik Sorry guys, I don’t buy it. Actually, I find it rather irritatating and discouraging to hear how Big Daddy is functioning as it should when the supplemental […]

Go Linking Young Man!

This certainly seems to be the new battle cry. And not just any links, high quality non-reciprocated links. And not just a few of them, lots and lots and lots of them. Don’t want to? Don’t expect your site to be incleded in Google’s index. You don’t have to go far to hear the disdain […]

Big Daddy Deprives Searchers

On March 16th 2006, Matt Cutts chronicaled the Big Daddy infrastructure roll out at Google. Early results of the crawling/indexing upgrade debuted in January and was completed by the end of March 2006. Matt characterizes Big Daddy as… more comprehensive (by far, in my opinion) than the previous crawl/index. Yet, Big Daddy refuses to index […]