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New National Holiday – Obama Day

Never think you’ve seen it all. Something may just surprise you. Barrack Obama has proclaimed a new National Holiday… for himself. That’s right, a new National Holiday proclaimed by President Barrack Obama for himself. National Day of Hope and Resolve. I am dumfounded by the arrogance. Obama proclaims National Holiday for himself

Grabbing the Bailout Bill by the Earmarks

Any of you not familiar with all the pork that got piled on the Bacon Wrapped Bailout Bill must be in a cave. It’s bad enough we as citizens and taxpayers are having to pony up because of greedy companies with more money wrapped up in CDS than the total national debt. Now we’ve got […]

Bailout Bill-Bacon Lovers Unite

The American citizen, the taxpayer, should be infuriated by the bailout bill just passed by congress. Think your representative can’t be bribed? Think your representative is most interested the economy when deciding on how to spend your tax dollars? Then you better think again. It took $110B of earmarks to make a “bad” bill “good”. […]