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Crushing the Myth: Why You Need Keyword Density

When I find “interesting” forum threads, I do like to bring them to attention every once in a while. This thread at WPW is one of those. I invite you to read it, and the article I received, as promised, for yourself. Dave —————————————————————— Any webmaster or small business owner that has gone for a […]

Web Directory Links

There’s been many discussions on the value of web directory links of late. Directories being devalued and pages being removed from their index. Do directory links still have value and can they drive visitors and potential customers to your site? In a word, yes. It’s important to realize that not all directories are created equal […]

Natural Writing For SEO

Is there such a thing as writing naturally for SEO purposes and benefits? Seems like a silly question doesn’t it? Well, I guess it just surprises me a bit when the subject comes up, gets debated, and usually ends up with someone checking the keyword density and arriving at a ranking conclusion based entirely on […]

Why SEO is a Dirty Word

It seems every time I turn around I find yet another reason as to why SEO is a dirty word. Not surprisingly, that reason is exactly the same as almost all the others. Take a look at this thread titled SEO for Google on WWS. A straight forward very basic question asked by folks new […]

Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Get your website on millions of desktops with a Vista Sidebar Gadget. Windows Vista has what’s called a sidebar which is installed and turned on by default. From the moment someone first turns on their computer they can install a variety of different gadgets directly, and easily from the Windows Live Gallery. These gadgets can […]

Polite SEO

What is Polite SEO? Well, it’s another of those ultra low competitive phrases that some folks like to rank for and then wildly flap their arms and stamp their feet shouting… “SEO is Easy!” Generally I find that folks who think ranking for terms, like Polite SEO, either… 1. Don’t understand what SEO today really […]

Chef Dave Pasternack

I just finished rereading Dave Pasternack – Master Chef Extraordinaire and while I don’t agree with all the thoughts Greg shares, he does make a very good point. It’s likely that some folks searching for Dave Pasternack aren’t particularly interested in person that thought it was a good idea to insult the SEO industry, but […]

Dave Pasternack-Revisted

I found myself mulling over Dave Pasternack’s comments in regards to SEO not being “rocket science” or akin to baking a cake even further. Not from an SEO perspective, but from that of an expert. You know what? I find them to be even more distasteful, even irresponsible. I’ve spent nearly two decades learning and […]

Forum Signature Links

There’s a current thread at DCTip discussing whether or not Forum Signature Links are Underrated as a means of link building. In short, no they are not. If anything, they are exceptionally overrated as a means of link building. What they are however, is an opportunity that is most often squandered. Each and every post […]

Organic Click Fraud

I’m sure some of you have read my title and are asking yourself… “Has CrankyDave lost his mind?!?!” No, not me, someone I’d never heard of before today named Danny Wall. I was pointed his PDF document titled… “The New Rules for Google SEO” To save time, you can skip page 1 of the PDF […]