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DMOZ Ignores Submissions

Recently, it’s been alleged that a DMOZ editor was soliciting cash payments as a means for site owners and webmasters to get their sites reviewed and listed in the DMOZ Directory. I personally believe that this is the exception and not the norm, but I find it most troubling that what I believe to be […]

Monetizing Content – The NYT Way

There’s a terrific and ongoing discussion at Search Engine Watch debating whether or not the NYT method of allowing spiders free access to crawl and index subscription content while redirecting searchers to a log in page is actually cloaking. Cloaking, as defined in the Wikipedia is… Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique in which […]

Put Up or Shut Up!

Far too often I read comments on SEO forums like “use meta keywords to help your Google rankings” or “reciprocal links are dead”. Granted, often these are comments made by a “newbie” trying to be helpful who, after being politely corrected, know better and don’t continue to pass incorrect information. Sometimes these comments are made […]