I found myself mulling over Dave Pasternack’s comments in regards to SEO not being “rocket science” or akin to baking a cake even further. Not from an SEO perspective, but from that of an expert. You know what? I find them to be even more distasteful, even irresponsible.

I’ve spent nearly two decades learning and refining my skills as an expert jeweler. I can certainly sit down with you Mr. Pasternack, and show you HOW to solder a chain in less time than it would take a novice to read and fully understand the Google Webmaster Guidelines, and then off you go. Right? Hardly. In all likely hood, you’d melt the chain and burn the solder. Me showing you how to solder the chain may not be rocket science but having the proficiency to do it well IS as is any other skill on the planet. If I were to come out and say being a jeweler isn’t “rocket science” or compare it to baking a cake it would be very misleading to any aspiring jeweler. I were a watchmaker and could be construed as expert jeweler to make such assertions publicly would be downright irresponsible.

I have wonder how quick you’d be to insult any other professionals outside your realm of expertise, which is PPC if I’m not mistaken, like you did to the SEO industry experts. I have a master carpenter building some custom cabinets for me right now. I’ve no doubt he’d be able to show you HOW to build the cabinets I want but I’ve little doubt I’d not be pleased with your results. Are his skills and expertise “not rocket science” and comparable to baking a cake? I asked him and will refrain from repeating his “colorful” reply.

I was also pleased to see that I was not the only one who was “annoyed” when Kevin Lee was published saying…

By the way if Google’s purity is preserved (perhaps through bloggers who wish to anchor link to Dave’s bio page on our site), and we win the $1000, we’ll donate it to the American Cancer Society.

I guess that saying that IncrediBILL was “annoyed” when he blogged Dave Pasternack’s Company Asks Others for SEO Help is a bit of an understatement. Having to ask for SEO help after your insulting comments is bad enough, but doing by using the such an emotionally charged issue as cancer is really sad. Attempting to mask your actual intent of getting links within a veil of supposed benevolence is rather pathetic if you ask me Mr. Pasternack.

Although I rather doubt you will happen to stumble upon my comments, if you do, I hope you’ll take a moment to read the suggestions Michael Gray proffered when he wrote Dave Pasternack of Did-it.com How to Fix Your Problem. The ability to check your ego at the door, admit you may have been mistaken, perhaps having learned a thing or two, is a good quality for most anyone.

I guess the thing about it that has me the most puzzled is why? Why insult SEO experts and SEO in general in the first place especially when they’re outside of your perceived realm of expertise? Why not simply outperform them? Just to create attention? Linkbait? I certainly hope that’s not the case because if it is I think it’s rather stupid. I think Ron White might have put it best when he said…

“You can’t cure stupid”