Recently, it’s been alleged that a DMOZ editor was soliciting cash payments as a means for site owners and webmasters to get their sites reviewed and listed in the DMOZ Directory.

I personally believe that this is the exception and not the norm, but I find it most troubling that what I believe to be a DMOZ editor had this to say in a WPW thread

The fact still remains that editors do not, if they don’t want to, have to look at suggested sites. I’m one of those that choose not to, so the “backlog” is of no concern to me.

This is not only most troubling, but a major source of the “ill will” directed at the DMOZ in my opinion. If the DMOZ policy is to not require editors to even bother to take a moment to glance at submissions, then don’t accept submissions.

Let me repeat this because I feel it’s important…

If the DMOZ guidelines do not require editors to take the time to even glance at the sites submitted to their category, stop taking submissions. In fact the DMOZ directions on how to submit a site clearly state…

An ODP editor will review your submission to determine whether to include it in the directory. Depending on factors such as the volume of submissions to the particular category, it may take several weeks or more before your submission is reviewed.

The DMOZ published guidelines don’t say may. They don’t say might review your submission. They clearly say they will review it.

I am a proponent of the DMOZ but when editors state that what they do in actuality is totally opposite of their publically stated policy, it’s no small wonder there’s so much negativity aimed at them.


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