Some of you who have seen my rantings, have brought it to my attention that I tend to be a wee bit “cranky”. Go figure. Every once in a while I come across someone who’s done something to merit a special “shout out” from me for being “Crankier Than Dave”.

This inaugural “shout out” goes to none other than my lovely wife Vicki who was indeed, “Crankier Than Dave”.

Vicki was tending to the flower gardens around our home when a woman and her dog came strolling down the sidewalk. The woman watched as her pooch wandered into our yard and pooped. The two merrily walked off leaving the steaming pile of dog poop where it was deposited.

Vicki seeing this, went into the house and grabbed a zip lock bag. After picking up the pile of dog poop she began chasing the woman and her dog down the street yelling… “Excuse Me! Excuse Me! You forgot something!”

Well, nearly a block later, Vicki caught up with the woman and promptly handed her the bag full of her dogs’ poop, turned around, and marched on home. Not able to stop myself from giggling about the whole thing got me “the look” as if I was the one who pooped in the yard!

Hey Vicki! This special “shout out” is for you, for demonstrating that you were indeed “Crankier Than Dave”. Congratulations!

Submitted by: CrankyDave

Do you know someone who merits a “shout out” for being “cranky”? Don’t keep it to yourself! Let me know! Who will be next to see their name in lights and be dubbed “Crankier Than Dave”?



  1. Feydakin on the 07. Aug, 2006 remarked #

    Son, your wife has issues.. But we already knew that..

  2. montytx on the 07. Aug, 2006 remarked #

    I goes manure mulch is out of the question for the garden then?

  3. CrankyDave on the 08. Aug, 2006 remarked #

    Son, your wife has issues.. But we already knew that..

    Poop in my front yard and leave it there and you’ll likely discover those “issues” first hand! 🙂

    I goes manure mulch is out of the question for the garden then?

    LOL! We have 3 dogs of our own and a 4th one when one of Jenny’s pups comes over for “play day”. Plenty of poop to go around.


  4. Nicky on the 10. Aug, 2006 remarked #

    Oh, that was funny! Good for her, you should have bought her a bottle of wine and a box of choccys for that one 😀

  5. make money with poop on the 11. Aug, 2006 remarked #

    Look at this: http://www.dogdoo.com/PooPooGrande.asp
    THis fella has been in business for more than 7 years at least. He sells poop to people wnting to have it heat sealed and sent to their enemies or old cranky bosses! Hehe, maybe you should say thanks when someone leaves a $25 pile of steamy shit in your yard

  6. stretch dog on the 11. Aug, 2006 remarked #

    Dogdoo.com is pure genius… who ever thought that one up deserves a nobel prize… seriously!

    Gotta say, i haven’t laughed so hard since watching the trailer for the new japanese game show that whacks you in the knackers if you lose…

    They oughtta have a model that spontaneously combusts upon opening… lol… just what is the world coming to?

    As for your cranky wife, i have a special place in my heart for her after that performance… and i will tell you why.

    My own girl friend lives in a town house complex, and one of the strata councel members has a hate on for me. Now realize, this woman has never even met me…

    Anyway, to get back at her, my girl friend has her two kids take turns placing a paper bag full of dog turds at her front door step and lighting the bag on fire then ringing her bell… lol.

    Some peoples children…. lol

  7. CrankyDave on the 12. Aug, 2006 remarked #

    Nicky… Vic saw you comment and said “Well, were’s my wine and chocolate?” I started whining about chocolate. Got smacked.

    MMWP… Thanx for the link! Still laughing

    SD… Can’t imagine anyone hating you. 🙂 If your girl friends kids run out of poop… I know where they can get some… CHEAP!


  8. whistler on the 24. Aug, 2006 remarked #

    Ya, I knew you would love it. Dogdoo.com It still cracks me up so hard my guts hurt.

  9. Glengall on the 31. Aug, 2006 remarked #

    The genius of today. I laughed so hard that I was left shaking like a shi***g dog.

    If I could afford it I would send one to all my enemies. :}

    Dave your wife is quite right. Where’s the chocolates, wine and sweet music. After all she has to put up with Cranky on a daily basis !!!!!!

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