Some of you who have seen my rantings, have brought it to my attention that I tend to be a wee bit “cranky”. Go figure. Every once in a while I come across someone who’s done something to merit a special “shout out” from me for being “Crankier Than Dave”.

This inaugural “shout out” goes to none other than my lovely wife Vicki who was indeed, “Crankier Than Dave”.

Vicki was tending to the flower gardens around our home when a woman and her dog came strolling down the sidewalk. The woman watched as her pooch wandered into our yard and pooped. The two merrily walked off leaving the steaming pile of dog poop where it was deposited.

Vicki seeing this, went into the house and grabbed a zip lock bag. After picking up the pile of dog poop she began chasing the woman and her dog down the street yelling… “Excuse Me! Excuse Me! You forgot something!”

Well, nearly a block later, Vicki caught up with the woman and promptly handed her the bag full of her dogs’ poop, turned around, and marched on home. Not able to stop myself from giggling about the whole thing got me “the look” as if I was the one who pooped in the yard!

Hey Vicki! This special “shout out” is for you, for demonstrating that you were indeed “Crankier Than Dave”. Congratulations!

Submitted by: CrankyDave

Do you know someone who merits a “shout out” for being “cranky”? Don’t keep it to yourself! Let me know! Who will be next to see their name in lights and be dubbed “Crankier Than Dave”?