I have a bread machine and I don’t let it get dusty. My latest bread dough was to make English Muffins. For me, finding good recipes for a bread machine is what makes the difference between a great bread and an average one. This time was an exception.

I settled on this English Muffin Recipe and after several batches I finally got the texture and flavor I was after. I used the same recipe each time… no tweaks. What changed was how I was making them.

Here’s how I made them… After the dough cycle on the bread machine finished, I turned out the dough on a mat dusted with corn meal and cut into 8 equal portions.

I rolled each portion into a ball then pressed them into the familiar English Muffin shape. Dusted both sides with corn meal, placed them onto a parchment covered sheet pan, covered them with plastic wrap, and let them rise on the counter for exactly 1 hour. Immediately after that 1 hour, I placed the sheet pan with the muffins into the refrigerator. Left them there overnight. Yep, overnight. It’s that long rise that gives the muffins that slightly “sour” flavor.

I took the sheet pan out of the refrigerator in the morning and let them come up to room temperature. Yes, over night they over proofed and fell. Perfect! That’s what is going to help give you all those splendiferous nooks and crannies you expect in an English Muffin.

I browned each side in a dry iron skillet over low temperature. Temperature is important. Err on the cool side. Too hot and your muffins will brown too quickly. The flavor will be good but the muffins will be more dense or even doughy in the center. A low temperature and they will puff up nicely giving you all those lovely nooks and crannies.

Here’s how they came out…

I’m still working on even bigger “crooks and nannies” but for now, the toaster beckons. 🙂

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