There’s a current thread at DCTip discussing whether or not Forum Signature Links are Underrated as a means of link building.

In short, no they are not. If anything, they are exceptionally overrated as a means of link building. What they are however, is an opportunity that is most often squandered.

Each and every post you make in a forum is an opportunity to create content. Indexable content. Content people search for. Content that comes complete with a signature link to you. This is the importance of signature links and not the link itself.

Think about it for a moment. How often have you searched for something and found forum postings at the top of the SERP’s? How often are those “I agree” or “Good idea” drive by spam type posts?

Find forums you genuinely like and become a solid contributor to the community. Don’t look at your posts as an opportunity to get “another link” but an opportunity to create good content that searchers will find that comes complete with a link to discover even more about you.