You know what I’m talking about. Dandelions. That lovely sea of yellow across the lawn, that turns puffy white ripe with seeds. A gentle breeze is all it takes to spread the noxious seeds aloft to further bastardize your lawn.

Some of us work hard to keep the nasty things out of our yard. BUT some of you simply don’t care. After all it is your yard. You’re welcome to grow the nasty things if you wish. Right?

WRONG! Guess what Captain Green Thumb, you can’t keep the lousy things in only your yard. Obviously, you won’t be happy until the entire neighbor glows in yellow. Not really rocket science going on here. Perhaps you’d rather keep wondering why the neighborhood block party always seems to fall when you’re on vacation. Kill the damn things already!

If any of you are avid gardeners like I am, there’s not too many things that suck the joy out of gardening like having to pull weeds. Gardening shouldn’t be about having to pull weeds. Yes you can go out and buy all sorts of stuff to help. I say… start saving your newspapers.

Cover your rows with 2-3 sheets of newspaper. Be sure and leave an 8″-10″ square around the base of each of your plants uncovered for watering. For larger plants like tomatoes, I’d suggest leaving a larger opening of say 12″-14″. Save up some grass clippings and cover the newspaper with them. Note: It’s really a good idea not to use clippings from areas infested with that nasty yellow flowering weed. The newspapers and clippings will not only keep the weeds from growing, they’ll help keep the moisture in and the soil warm. The following year, simply till them back in soil like compost.

It takes a little extra time to do this when planting, but for the rest of the summer you can enjoy tending to your garden and all of it’s vegetable goodness instead of pulling weeds.

Hope this helps! Now GET OFF MY LAWN!


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