This thought has been kicked around more than once in forums and blogs and with the recent de-indexing of a massive amount of spam pages, well it’s being kicked around again. Folks are keenly combing the results for more of the MFA pages and speculating as to their worth.

A recent posting at Webmaster Headquarters outlines the Alexa data for the recent “Spamathon” making all the noise. That’s a lot of traffic (Ad$ense revenue) that just got shut off. How much do you suppose this was worth to Google?

Let’s couple this SPAM generated revenue with revenue that’s generated by click fraud. With 98% of their total revenue being generated by by advertising (talk about putting all your eggs in one basket) how much money do you think this means to Google and do you really think that they are or will aggressive seek to prevent it? Google recently announced their Content Referral Network and you can find some additional information about it on merged.ca. Is this a real solution or just new program requiring a different methodology to exploit?

The thread at Digital Point that started it all, has some interesting speculation in regards to this by stringerbell.

Let’s not forget that when it comes to being a public company, Google is just a baby. They have their owners (stockholders) to answer to and I don’t suspect they’d (the owners) would be very pleased if the stream of revenue being provided by MFA spam and clickfraud was turned off. Or would they?

Can Google stop the indexing income generating SPAM or more importantly, can they afford to?


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  1. Feydakin on the 26. Jun, 2006 remarked #

    I’ve said for a while now that Google has accidentally created what could very well be the end of the internet in it’s original form.. In an effort to find a way to make money off of search they have created a whole generation of internet users that can see no farther than the check they get from Google every month..

    The net has evolved from a source for information exchange and learning into the wild west of old where there is a mix of the good, the bad, and the very ugly.. Unfortunatly google’s efforts have gvent he bad more power than ever and have left the vast majority of the good looking around in confusion without any real knowledge of what is happening all around them..

    Google didn’t start out to do evil, but they most certianly have become what they didn’t want to be..

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