The question isn’t whether or not Google needs to “attack” this problem, it’s obvious they do. The question is whether or not they can do something about the subdomain spam they’re allowing to “infect” their index algorithmically and if not, then what.

Back in November of 2004 at PubCon, Matt Cutts suggested that Google would be going after subdomain spam soon. Soon? I feel like a kid in the backseat of a car on a long drive…

“Is it soon yet? Is it soon yet? Is soon yet?”

I think it’s rather clear that “soon” has come and gone and the time to do something about subdomain spam is NOW!

I’d be keeping an eye on legitimate sites likes craigslist.org to see if searches like vegan forum, crafts forum and wedding forum continue to clutter the results with hundreds of subdomain results all with duplicate content.

Yes, I’d be watching these results and all the others very carefully right now ESPECIALLY if you’re one of those legitimate sites primarily using subdomains. Why?

Let’s suppose that thousands of folks decide that they’ve got a domain or 2 to “churn and burn”. Let’s further suppose that the idea of having thousands of auto generated pages with adsense on them to make money seems like a good idea to them. After all, eiqz2q.org got what appeared to be more than 5 billion ranking in less than 4 weeks right?

Google can’t handle all these potential pages by hand, and therefore, they’ll have a decision to make if they’re not able to handle the onslaught of subdomains clogging their index algorithmically…

Allow their index to be perpetually “clogged” by sub domain spam…


Begin limiting/eliminating subdomains from their index altogether while they try and find a solution.

Yes, I’d be watching those legitimate sites using subdomains quite closely. I’d even be inclined to watch Googles very own subdomains for any changes as well.


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