Any of you not familiar with all the pork that got piled on the Bacon Wrapped Bailout Bill must be in a cave. It’s bad enough we as citizens and taxpayers are having to pony up because of greedy companies with more money wrapped up in CDS than the total national debt. Now we’ve got greedy politicians porking up the bailout bill with nonsense.

I want names! That’s right, the name of each and every Senator and/or Representative that added the fat to the bill to the tune of $110B. You represent ME and every other taxpayer that voted you into office. I want to know exactly what you are representing for me. I want to know which of you added the fat in the way of earmarks to the bailout bill. I want to know which of you required a bribe in the way of those earmarks in order to vote in favor of the bill.

Transparency my ass! Stand and be counted for the fat you added.