I’m sure some of you have read my title and are asking yourself… “Has CrankyDave lost his mind?!?!” No, not me, someone I’d never heard of before today named Danny Wall.

I was pointed his PDF document titled…

“The New Rules for Google SEO”

To save time, you can skip page 1 of the PDF since it’s little more than a cheesy graphic and the copyright and some distribution information.

Page 2 of the PDF is Danny Wall telling us how wonderful he is. This should have been my cue to stop right there. But having never heard of him before, I continued on.

Well I got to page 4 and read skimmed over the nonsense about click through rates affecting the SERP’s when I came upon the following…

Possibly the biggest change will come from Google looking at “not referred ” traffic as part of the mix. In other words, Google is going to start looking at people who simply type in your URL into their browser as an indication of the “strength ” of your site (and therefore its relevance for the key phrases for your site). Another example of “not referred ” traffic as far as Google will be concerned is traffic that originates from a link you click out of your local email client.

What?!?! Google is going to rank sites based upon information they can’t possibly know! Oh my goodness. This sent me running for cover and the roll of paper towels to clean the Doritos off my monitor.

But wait! There’s more!

You’d have thought the episode with the Doritos would have been enough to discourage me from wasting any more time reading on wouldn’t you? Had I not gone back for more, I would have missed the following “pearls of wisdom” from Danny Wall…


Adding to that, you will want to include keyword rich links back to your site as well …and those links should lead to similarly keyword rich (and targeted) landing pages on your site (NOT simply your site’s front page).

Pssssst… Danny… This would be referred to as traditional SEO. You know, the stuff you’re predicting the death of back on page 3? Really basic stuff here Danny.

At any rate, I certainly can’t see reading any further. But if you’d like to, here’s the URL…


No Danny, I’m not going to link it. After all, you’re going to get all the “ranking juice” you need just from folks pasting it in their browser right?