Grabbing the Bailout Bill by the Earmarks

Any of you not familiar with all the pork that got piled on the Bacon Wrapped Bailout Bill must be in a cave. It’s bad enough we as citizens and taxpayers are having to pony up because of greedy companies with more money wrapped up in CDS than the total national debt. Now we’ve got […]

Bailout Bill-Bacon Lovers Unite

The American citizen, the taxpayer, should be infuriated by the bailout bill just passed by congress. Think your representative can’t be bribed? Think your representative is most interested the economy when deciding on how to spend your tax dollars? Then you better think again. It took $110B of earmarks to make a “bad” bill “good”. […]

Taste of Westmont 2008-Ho Hum

I hope the Taste of Westmont Comittee takes the time to read the post Fedakin wrote on the 2008 Taste of Westmont. Fey and his wife drive a couple of hours each year to visit us and attend the taste so take it heart Westmont. First things first… The Cuban Pork sandwiches Feydakin pointed out […]

Coke Buys Blog Links?

Did Coca Cola buy links? Janeth over at WPW pointed to a post that seems to indicate that may be the case. Last Thursday (July 3rd), Coca Cola Brazil launched the drink i9 – Hidrotonico, the Brazilian version of Powerade. As a part of the i9 marketing strategy in blogs & social media, Coca Cola […]

Genies for Luck

Tomato World

Some of you already know I have a passion for gardening and cooking. It’s how I get away from the daily grind and I truly enjoy the time I spend in my gardens and kitchen. I am absolutely by no means a chef. I just love to cook. 🙂 A current thread at WPW titled […]

Pickle Juice

I do love pickles! No Chicago hotdog would be complete without a dill pickle spear and a Bloody Mary would fall flat without a tasty dill pickle spear. I have to admit that even though I’m a gardener and grow my own cucumbers, not only for salads, but to make and can pickles, I can’t […]

Paid Link Tattletales

I found myself searching around… again… because of yet another discussion about reporting paid links to Google. I don’t know why I allow myself to get into these discussions… again… but I did. I also don’t know why I decided to search for “tattletale ethics” but I did and found an interesting article… Tattletale Ethics […]

Merchants Protect Consumers

Merchants Protecting Consumers from Credit Card Fraud In 2006 consumers used their credit or debit cards to spend approximately $160 billion at fast food restaurants alone. That’s a lot of transactions. Total online sales were projected to reach more than $250 Billion in 2007. Credit card fraud amounts to billions of dollars a year. But […]

Google on Paid Links – Destined to Fail

There’s no shortage of chatter when it comes to Google and their stance on “paid links”. They have made it clear that pages that contain “paid links”, which they’ve chosen not to define, must be identified for a machine, spider, and/or algorithm, or they will suffer if they do not tag those links with machine […]