What is Polite SEO?

Well, it’s another of those ultra low competitive phrases that some folks like to rank for and then wildly flap their arms and stamp their feet shouting… “SEO is Easy!”

Generally I find that folks who think ranking for terms, like Polite SEO, either…

1. Don’t understand what SEO today really is.
2. Don’t know how to use SEO to their advantage well enough.
3. Have some sort of “anti-SEO” service or book they’re hawking.
4. Wouldn’t know a competitive phrase if it bit them on the ass.
5. Think that dissing what they can’t do promotes their cause.
6. All of the above

Well, it seems the latest arm flapping foot stomping “poop on SEO” genius because I can rank for a non-competitive phrase like Polite SEO is Anthony Fallon of Warrington Web Works. Yep, he was able to rank for SEO Mind Crime quite quickly and has become the next in line to declare the death of SEO based on that.

In the immortal words of “Iron” Mike Ditka… “Who you crappin?!?!”

If I was in the travel insurance or mobile phone industry, such competitive markets, why on earth would I waste money on an SEO company optimizing my website and chasing a top ten position on Google?

Let’s see… Perhaps because of the amount of targeted traffic it can drive to your website WHEN you know how to research keywords and select the right ones to rank for? Perhaps because then you can get repeat business, bookmarks, save as favorites, referrals AND links when searchers find you? Just a thought.

I’m not in those industries so I haven’t tried those terms but if I did the content would be indexed within 24 hrs and if it’s indexed it has the same opportunity to be ranked as any other site.

Let’s see, you’re not in those industries. You wouldn’t have done any research so you wouldn’t have a clue as to what would be good phrases to rank for but you can automatically rule out SEO for a top 10 organic position for those industries? Genius I tell you, pure genius.

Instead, you decide to rank on SEO Mind Games, a real competitive term (cough, cough), and cry to the world…

Believe Me – When I say you don’t need SEO, You Don’t need it.

I suppose if my blog happens to rank well for a search for Polite SEO I don’t need SEO for my sites either? Hardly. Get a grip Mr. Fallon.

There’s a current discussion over at the SEO Forum about SEO Mind Crime you might like to visit and a blog article from one of the members there called SEO Mind Crime – SEO is a Complete Waste of Time?!?!

I guess I’m just left to wonder whether or not my blog will actually rank well for Polite SEO and if Mr. Fallon loses his initial rankings for SEO Mind Crime will he do a bit of SEO work to regain them so he doesn’t look really silly.


Update: This blog was indexed and showed up in position #10 for SEO Mind Crime and position #1 for Polite SEO on Google.com in exactly 1 hour. What does this tell us about SEO? Absolutely nothing.