Far too often I read comments on SEO forums like “use meta keywords to help your Google rankings” or “reciprocal links are dead”. Granted, often these are comments made by a “newbie” trying to be helpful who, after being politely corrected, know better and don’t continue to pass incorrect information.

Sometimes these comments are made by a “self proclaimed SEO” who registered their domain a week or two ago and decided to sell their newfound abilities to the world without a clue as to what it is they’re doing. This is another rant altogether and I invite you to visit Feydakin for his take on the matter.

Finally, and most annoying, is the “professional” SEO who posts such declarations. One such declaration was made in this Thread over at WPW. A “professional” member of the community cried reciprocal link pages “do not work” and that reciprocal links and reciprocal link pages “are dead.” Kinda reminds me of Chicken Little racing around crying “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” Big difference here is Chicken Little is not billed as a “professional sky falling expert”.

Despite repeated requests to provide a single verifiable example indicating that reciprocal links are dead, they produced none. Zero. Not a single solitary example to back their claim. Talk is cheap. If you’re going to talk the talk, you best be prepared to walk the walk. They were not.

There was some real solid information in the discussion that insued. Not about how or why reciprocal links are dead, but how and why they DO work. Anyone considering a reciprocal linking campaign should really take the time to read what DomainDrivers had to say about reciprocal linking in the thread. Some really good insights and solid “Do’s and Don’ts” when it comes to reciprocal link marketing.

So, if you’re going to make such bold claims, you’d better be prepared to back them with solid verifiable examples. If someone comes along who happens to be able to do so to the contrary, don’t be surprised if they tell YOU to “Put Up or Shut Up!”



  1. Feydakin on the 15. May, 2006 remarked #

    I am constantly accused of being “mean” to people because I make simple posts asking them to provide documented proof of their claims.. So few people will take the time to do any research before making blanket statements, and even fewer do their own testing..

    But it is fun to watch them squirm when challenged about their “facts”..

  2. DomainDrivers on the 15. May, 2006 remarked #

    I do the same, except that I realize that asking someone to substantiate their claims is something that makes some people very edgy…:)

    The usually come back with:
    “What, you don’t believe me? Any idiot can see the facts, blah blah blah”.

    I stay out of most SEO forums, due to the a-holes in them. They simply gang up on people who disagree, and run them out.

    It gets old.

  3. CrankyDave on the 17. May, 2006 remarked #

    Based on Matt Cutts post from March 16th 2006, it seems reciprocal links now cause a site to be “penalized”. Google is refusing to index all the pages from the offending site. However, I see no indication that those very same links have stopped passing on their ranking value.

    Here’s some more information on Google Depriving Searchers


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