For quite sometime now Google’s supplemental index has been unsearchable. Doesn’t really matter what index page data is relegated to if it’s unsearchable now does it?

Take this example found using the site: operator…

Note that the page is cached as well.

Now, do a search for a unique string of text from that page and this is what you get…

As I said, this has been going on for some time now. I first noticed it in the beginning of May and posted about it on WPW

So if you happen to be seeing your pages show up as supplemental they might as well not exist because a searcher will never see them. And no, I’m not particularly interested in hearing how Big Daddy and the supplemental index work separately. It appears to me, that right now it’s tough enough to get them working properly at all.


Update 06-23-06: This morning I’m finding that the URL’s of the supplemental results in many cases are searchable. However, the text from those pages still remain unsearchable, such as the example I used above. Additionally, the clickable link text shown in the search results is a combination of the title text and on page navigation text, and in many instances doesn’t really make sense. It appears progress is being made… for now.

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