Yes, I’ve been tagged. Seems that Rumblepup decided to call me out. For those of you who may not be familiar with Blogger Tag, it’s a request by someone in the blogosphere for you to share 5 things folks don’t know about you. Actually, it’s been kind of interesting following the trail of “blog taggers”. Yes, I’ve been reading up on a whole bunch of you! At any rate…

Five things you may not know about CrankyDave

1. I was dubbed CrankyDave by former Chicago Bulls basketball star “Stormin’ Norman” Van Lier .

2. I am an AC/DC fanatic! Even got some AC/DC PJ’s for Christmas! 🙂 At one time I was the “voice” in a garage band called “FallOut”. Played a lot of classic AC/DC stuff. Go figure.

3. By trade, I’m a master jeweler. While doing traveling jewelry design shows, I had the pleasure of working with a designer who happened to be John Wayne’s niece. Most interesting.

4. I’m a TV nut. Not in the sense that I watch a lot of television, but that I like to have a television in every room of the house. Even have one for outside in my Gazebo. Which reminds me… need to go buy some more cable for the new TV. 🙂

5. Flowers, flowers and more flowers. I’m an avid gardener. Vegatable garden every spring and new flowers every year. I’ve currently got a few hundred varieties of flowers and have even tried my hand at hybridizing my own Iris.

Not quite what you may have expected is it?

Now it’s my turn! Hehehehe…

Feydakin My good friend has already been blog tagged but deserves another.

Phil Craven Some of the best debates, discussions, and arguments, I’ve been involved in have been with Phil.

William Cross William is an exceptional coder and owner of SEO Fox. Fess up Will!

Janeth Duque When it comes to web design, you’ll be impressed with her work.

And last, but not least…

Nicky I know precious little about Nicky. Which is precisely why I’m tagging her! Do tell!

Tag! You’re it!