I hope the Taste of Westmont Comittee takes the time to read the post Fedakin wrote on the 2008 Taste of Westmont. Fey and his wife drive a couple of hours each year to visit us and attend the taste so take it heart Westmont.

First things first… The Cuban Pork sandwiches Feydakin pointed out were from Absolutely Delicious. Very appropriate company name given the sandwiches.

Having grown up in Westmont, and a long time resident, I really look forward to it every year. I’m saddened to say that overall, it’s gone downhill. My own personal opinion is that the “taste” part of it has been pushed aside. Don’t get me wrong. We had a nice time but it really could have, and should have been so much better.

I echo your suggestions for 2009…


I’ve talked to a lot of the vendors that have been there over the years. Many simply hoped to break even. I knew after speaking to many last year, it was going to be slim pickings this year. Why in the word would the “TASTE” of Westmont drive food vendors away over a few hundred dollars? Wake up Westmont! Cutting the booth price in half would have cost you about $6K based on the numbers I heard. Even the KofC with their discounted (cough) price lost money last year from what I heard.

Now the set up… what a joke. For 2 years running you’ve created a nightmare by the vendor set up/arrangement. I can only speculate but I’m guessing it’s for safety concerns. I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was but they need to call a “mulligan” and start over.


Let’s start with Sunday first… For the first time in a long time I didn’t even bother to attend the Taste on Sunday. Firstly, there are only so many Italian Beef-Sausage Combo’s and Cuban Pork sandwiches I can eat over a three day period. So, if you missed the earlier comments about the food go back and reread them would you please. Second, yes, I’m well aware Muddy was a long time Westmont resident and am well aware of the history, dedications, etc. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the tribute to him, but when is enough, enough?

Scheduling… Ok… you bill Friday as the ATTACK OF THE KILLER TRIBUTE BANDS! The taste doesn’t start until 4 pm, is billed to go until 10:30 PM and you pack 4 bands into that time span. We got there at 4:20 and the majority of food vendors weren’t even set up. Whoopee. The place was almost empty. What a shame to have “wasted” that entertainment lineup.

You want to do the Muddy Waters tribute, fine. Kick off the Taste with that on Friday. There’s a really good start to the festival. Saturday would have been the perfect day for tribute bands. And for Sunday, how could American English not have been a great way to end the festival?

So Westmont, I hope you’ll take the time to take a serious look at what you want the “Taste of Westmont” to be. Because in my book you’ve taken the taste for it out of my mouth.

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