With the end of the NFL regular season this weekend, I found myself rehashing the Chicago Bears 2006 regular season and simply cannot believe I let this one slip.

On October 16th 2006, the Chicago bears defeated the Arizona Cardinals 24-23 in Arizona. This was no ordinary 1 point victory. The Chicago Bears commited 6 turnovers AND the offense never scored a single point. Not one. All of the Bears scoring was done by the defense and special teams. Quite a game to watch.

What ensued after the game during the press conference was simply a site to behold. Arizona Cardinals head coach Denny Green Comes Unglued and launches into a tirade. A must see!

So it is with great pleasure that I announce the “crankiest” person of 2006…

Coach Denny Green of the the Arizona Cardinals

A special “shout out” to Coach Green for demonstrating that he was truly “Crankier Than Dave” and the “Crankiest Person of 2006”.

Congratulations! 🙂