Some of you already know I have a passion for gardening and cooking. It’s how I get away from the daily grind and I truly enjoy the time I spend in my gardens and kitchen. I am absolutely by no means a chef. I just love to cook. 🙂

A current thread at WPW titled Tomato World was spun off from another thread because the posts were just a bit off topic. Go figure. A forum for eBusiness experts isn’t exactly where you’d expect to find a thread about tomatoes but interestingly enough, it’s turned into a fun thread… for me anyway.

Tomato growing, cooking with tomatoes, tomato varieties even rooftop gardens for those without yard space but still want to grow tomatoes are a few of the comment topics thus far. Like tomatoes? Throw your 2 cents into the mix!

Here’s a quickie tip for those of you who like to make your own pasta… substitute tomato juice, especially that from your garden tomatoes, for 1/3 of the eggs. You’ll get lower fat pasta with a bit of a sweet tomato flavor.

As for me, need to go look after the tomato plants and the rest of my garden this morning.


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