Get your website on millions of desktops with a Vista Sidebar Gadget.

Windows Vista has what’s called a sidebar which is installed and turned on by default. From the moment someone first turns on their computer they can install a variety of different gadgets directly, and easily from the Windows Live Gallery.

These gadgets can be made to do just about anything you like. From simply displaying the time and date, to providing timely tips and useful information directly to the user right on their desktop. A gadget that provides a direct link to your site right from their desktop.

Microsoft estimates that in the next two years, the Vista user base will swell to 200 million users. That’s 200 million potential users that could install YOUR gadget. That’s 200 million reasons why marketing your website should now include a Vista Sidebar Gadget.

Personally, I see an extraordinary marketing potential that’s still in its infancy. By providing a unique and useful sidebar gadget, you can get targeted traffic directly to your website from millions of computer desktops. Clearly, the folks at Gadget Spark agree. They can design and develop a sidebar gadget exactly to your specifications AND get it listed on the Microsoft Windows Live Gallery for you.

I’m very interested in seeing just how much traffic my sidebar gadget drives and what kind of conversions I get from that traffic.