There’s been many discussions on the value of web directory links of late. Directories being devalued and pages being removed from their index. Do directory links still have value and can they drive visitors and potential customers to your site? In a word, yes.

It’s important to realize that not all directories are created equal and not all of them are necessarily quality directories providing solid resources and quality links. The question is, what is a quality directory and how can you tell?

First things first. For those of you using the Google toolbar and the “little green PR indicator”, turn it off. That’s right, disable it, and turn it off. Look at and analyze the directory for what it is and what it delivers to the visitors of the site. No cheating, turn it off at take a closer look at the things that really matter. How well is the directory categorized? Do the descriptions actually describe the site or are they simply advertisements? Is the directory providing quality listings or is it “come one come all”?

One in particular I like is the Crosswalk Directory. It’s a general niche directory that targets the religious conscious searcher looking for Christian related or owned businesses, Ministries or Churches. Well maintained and categorized and can drive targeted traffic and is what I would consider a quality resource for visitors.

Deep Link Directories

Deep link directories are a viable way to help get pages that are deep within a site indexed as well as direct visitors right to the most important informational and resource pages deep within a site. Again, the quality of the directory and what it provides to the visitor matters.

There’s of nice lists of directories that accept deep links you can find at the Directory Critic. Remember, do your own due diligence and decide for yourself whether or not the links being listed are quality resources that you want a link to YOUR site to be included.

As an example, the Deep-Link-Directory.com, one that appears to be very new, is well categorized, is a PPR deep link directory where inclusions are reviewed by an actual editor and makes it clear that not all submissions are approved and appears to focus on the quality and relevance of the links they include.

As far as I’m concerned, directory submissions and links from directory remain an excellent opportunity to facilitate indexing and drive valuable traffic to your website. Google still suggests submitting websites to directories. Just make sure you take the time to evaluate the site or directory where you’d like your link included.

Finally, for those of you who actually did turn off or disable the “little green fuel gauge” as I suggested earlier, go ahead and fire it back up if you’re going through withdrawals. Hopefully, you’ll have a little bit better insight and perspective into actually evaluating a site or directory for what it is and what it delivers to visitors. For those of you who didn’t… guess you have to hope it never gets turned off or becomes obsolete.


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