It seems every time I turn around I find yet another reason as to why SEO is a dirty word. Not surprisingly, that reason is exactly the same as almost all the others.

Take a look at this thread titled SEO for Google on WWS. A straight forward very basic question asked by folks new to SEO all the time. Basically…

“How do I rank well in Google?”

Innocent enough right? Wrong! Look again. Take a close look at the original poster’s profile and the website they list. What a surprise. Yet another company selling SEO services asking for very basic help in doing what they sell. Yes, I did consider that this may be another of those (cough) “creative” spam posts made simply in a effort to get the URL or link out there. However, any SEO company worth their salt would not have “stupidity” associated with the services they sell.

No small wonder that SEO is fast becoming a dirty word with help like that.

No, I don’t want to get into yet another prolonged debate about how “easy” SEO is supposed to be. But I do have a simple question for those who “think” it is…

If SEO is so damned easy how come there are so many people or companies selling the service that don’t have a clue as to how to do it?

Riddle me THAT Batman.


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