Those of you fellow gardeners who like to grow zucchini know what it’s like to check your garden and suddenly see the “monster zucchini” lurking behind a leaf that you know wasn’t there yesterday. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Well, short of giving to a neighbor, making more zucchini bread than you could possibly eat, or slicing in half lengthwise to make a giant “dip boat”, just about all you’re left with is grating it up and hiding it is something else.

While the summer grilling months are with us, you might try this fun way to make zucchini burgers.

Slice the zucchini into 3/4″ to 1″ thick “disks”.

Remove the soft and seedy center portion of the “disks” to make “rings” and place them between 2 paper towels to remove a bit of the moisture.

Arrange the rings on a cutting board and firmly press lean hamburger into the rings filling them tightly and completely.

Season them with a bit of salt, pepper, garlic, or anything else you prefer.

Grill them to your desired doneness and serve on a toasted bun or simply with a fork and knife with your favorite garnishes and condiments and enjoy!

Tip – Add a slice of your favorite cheese to help keep the burger inside of the zucchini ring.

The next time one of those “monster zucchini’s” sneak up on you give this a try. Who knows… you may even end up growing one on purpose!